Current conductors:

– Thaddeus Huang

– Tom Pugh

– Katrina Waters

In May 1967 Frankston Music Society called for musicians to help start the Frankston Symphony Orchestra.

Past Conductors of the Frankston Symphony Orchestra and the Continuing Choir

From 1967 to 2015

1967 Stanley Adams.

1968 to 1969 John Reynolds.

1971 April Sqadron Leader Laurence H Hicks OBE.

1970 to 1973 Keith Simpson. Acting Conductor: John Kirkham.

1974 Ivor Morgan and John Kirkham.

1974 Dec 1974 to Sept 1976, Yoshinao Osawa plus one concert in 1978.

1977 to 1979 Roland Yeung. With Spiros Rantos Training Conductor.

1979 to 1980 Eric Austin Phillips and George Logie Smith. (Advisor and conductor).

1980 Navy Band conductor Sub Lt. A Greedy.

1980 The Peninsula continuing Choir formed to augment Orchestra.

1980 Sept, Basil Gleeson.

1980 Nov, George Logie Smith and Navy Band with Sub Lt A Greedy.

1981 Roland Yeung and George Logie Smith.

1981 Peninsula Youth Orchestra combined with Frankston Symphony Orchestra.

1982 George Logie Smith And Major Barry Bignall 3rd Military Dist.

1983 Phillip Carrington and George Logie Smith.

1983 Bob Bilsborough Free concert at Mc Clelland with FSO and other groups.

1984 George Logie-Smith and Warrick Stengards.

1985 George Logie-Smith, Robert John and Hugh Mc Kelvey. Navy band Sub Lt. Ashley Greedy.

1986 to 1987 Warrick Stengards.

1988 to 1993 Damian Richardson.

1994 Willem Van Der Vis, “Song of Norway.” and Navy Band conductor.

1995 Willem Van Der Vis, “Merry Widow”. Possibly Damian Richardson conducted a concert.

1996 to 1997 Johannas Roos. Captain Phillip C Anderson, Navy Band.

1998 to 2000 Lt.Paul R Cottier, Navy Band.

2001 Phillip Smith.

2002 Yanna Talpis.

2003 Phillip Smith, Mark Shiell and Yanna Talpis.

2004 Mark Shiell and Yanna Talpis.

2005 Mark Shiell and Yanna Talpis.

2006 Gyula Cseszko (Jules).

2007 Mark Shiell and Sue Robinson.

2008 to 2012 Ingrid Martin.

2012 to 2015 David Le Guen.

2008 to 2017 Chorale Conductor Tom Buchanan.