Concerts from 1970 - 1979


Sunday 15th March 1970
The Marriage of Figaro Overture Mozart
Largo from Xerxes Handel
Arias: Even Brave Hearts from Faust Gounod
O My Days of Philandering are over. Mozart
Valse Triste Sibelius
L’Arlesienne Suite No 2 Bizet
Arias: They call me Mimi Puccini
Una Voce Poco Fa from Barber of Saville Rossini
Country Gardens Grainger
Shepherd’s Hey Grainger
Pomp & Circumstance March Elgar

Friday 5th June 1970
The Thievish Magpie Overture Rossini
Symphony No 8 (Unfinished) Schubert
Hungarian Dance No 5 Brahms
On the Steppes of Central Asia Borodin
The Trumpet Shall Sound From the Messiah Handel
Toreador Song from Carmen Bizet
Soirees Musicales Rossini-Britten

Friday 2nd October 1970
Overture to King Stephen Beethoven
Concerto in G for Flute & String Orchestra Quantz
Toccata Frescobaldi-Kindler
Sheep May Safely Graze from Cantata No 208 Bach
Music for Queen Mary II Purcell
Blow the Wind Southerly Northumbrian Folk Song
An Eriskay Love Lilt. Song of the Hebrides Arr. By H S Robertson
Finlandia Sibelius

Friday 4th December 1970
Overture to Messiah Handel
But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming. From Messiah Handel
Pastoral Symphony from Messiah Handel
The Trumpet Shall Sound from Messiah Mozart
Fantasia on Greensleeves Vaughan Williams
L’Arlesianne Suite No 2 Bizet


Sunday 4th April 1971
Soirees Musicales Rossini-Britten
Waltz – Roses from the South Johann Strauss
The Laughing Song from Die Fleidermaus Strauss
Selection from Cavalleria Rusticana Mascagni
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra Haydn
Excerpts from Carmen Bizet
Valse Song from Romeo and Juliet Gounod
Summertime from Porgy and Bess Gershwin
Finlandia Sibelius

Friday 30th April 1971
Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue Bach
Etudes Symphoniques Opus 13 Schumann
Two Intermezzi Opus 118 no.1 Opus 119 No.3 Brahms
Fantasia Opus 49 Chopin
Suite Opus 14 Bartok
Pavans Pour Une Infante Defante Ravel
Toccata from Fifth Concerto Saint- Saens

Friday 1st October 1971
The Force of Destiny Overture Verdi
Violin Concerto in E Minor Opus 64 Mendelssohn
Polovstian Dances from Prince Igor Borodin
Symphony No 5 in C Minor Opus 67 Beethoven

Tuesday 7th December 1971
Fanfare for Frankston James Wade
Ruy Blas Overture Mendelssohn
Motet: Exsultate Jubilate K 165 Mozart
In the Steppes of Central Asia Borodin
Pomp and Circumstance March. No. 5 Elgar
English Folk Songs Suite Vaughan Williams
Aria: One Fine Day from Madame Butterfly Puccini
Jewel Song from Faust Gounod
Finlandia Sibelius


Sunday March 12th 1972
Selection from H.M.S. Pinafore Sullivan
Aria: Opera Rigoletto – Cortigiani vi razza donnata Verdi
English Folk Songs Suite Vaughan Williams
Tales from the Vienna Woods Johann Strauss
The Holy City Adam
Children’s March Grainger
Waltzing Matilda Arr: Stuart Wilkie
Scene and Waltz from Swan Lake Ballet Suite Tchaikovsky

Friday 2nd June 1972
Suite- Water Music Handel-Harty
Arias from the Marriage of Figaro
The Count’s Aria and the Countess’s Aria Mozart
Symphonic Dances Opus 64 Grieg
Die Meistersingers Overture Wagner
Arias: Count’s Aria, Susanna’s Aria and Duet Mozart
Capriccio Espanola Opus 34 Rimsky-Korsakov

Friday 6th October 1972
Academic Festival Overture Brahms
Concerto in D Minor for two violins and Orchestra J.S Bach
Concerto in A Major for Clarinet and Orchestra Mozart
Peer Gynt Suite. Grieg
Rejouissance from suite for Flute and strings Telemann
Concerto in B Flat for Bassoon and Orchestra Mozart
In Windsor Forest. A cantata for chorus and orchestra Vaughan Williams

Friday 3rd November 1972
The Overture, Barber of Saville Rossini
Piano Concerto in A Minor, Opus 16 Grieg
Symphony No 104 in D (The London) Haydn
Hungarian Gipsy Airs for Piano and Orchestra Sofie Menter- Tchaikovsky


Sunday 18th March 1973
Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna – Overture. Suppe
La Villanelle dell’Acqua
The Maids of Cadiz Delibes
The Blue Danube Johann Strauss
Toreador’s Song from the opera Carmen Bizet
If I were a Rich Man from Fiddler on the Roof Harnick & Bock
London Everyday Suite Coates
Count and Susanna’s Aria duet from the Marriage of Figaro. Mozart
Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker Suite Tchaikovsky
Radetzky March. Opus 228 Johann Strauss

Friday 1st June 1973
March – “Crown Imperial” Walton
Concerto in E Minor for Cello and Orchestra Opus 85 Elgar
Symphony No.9 in E Minor Opus 95 from the New World Dvorak

Friday 12th October 1973
Egmont Overture Opus 84 Beethoven
Molly on the Shore Grainger
Irish Tune from County Derry Grainger
Shepherd’s Hey Grainger
The Royal Fireworks Music Handel
Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast Coleridge-Taylor

Friday 30th November 1973
The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture Nicolai
Concerto in G Minor Opus 26 for violin and Orchestra Bruch
On the Steppes of Central Asia Borodin
Pavane Ravel
Finlandia Sibelius

Sunday 24th March 1974
Poet and Peasant, Overture Suppe
Now to Arms from the Marriage of Figaro Mozart
The Cobblers Song from Chu Chin Chou Norton
Sheep May Safely Graze Bach
Country Gardens Grainger
Waltzing Matilda Arr: Stuart Wilkie
Emperor Waltz Johann Strauss
Lord Randall Cyril Scott
Mighty Like the Rose Nevin
I Love Life Mana-Zucci
Henry VIII Dances German


Saturday 22nd June 1974
Prometheus Overture, Opus 43 Beethoven
Stride la Vampa! From il Trovatore Aria Verdi
Habanera from Carmen Aria Bizet
Symphony No 4 in A (Italian) Opus 90 Mendelssohn
Di Provenzo il mar, il suol from La Traviata Aria Verdi
Symphonic Poem: Moldau Smetana

Saturday 5th October 1974
The Old Hundredth Psalm Tune Arr: Vaughan Williams
Symphony No 40 in G Minor Mozart
Concertino for Flute Chaminade
O Magnum Mysterium (brass Choirs) Gabrieli
Fantasia on Greensleeves Vaughan Williams
Violin concerto in A Mozart
Fantasy for Piano, choir and Orchestra Opus 80 Beethoven

Saturday 30th November 1974
The Mastersingers Overture Wagner
Aria- Ernani Involami from Opera Ernani Verdi
Peer Gynt Suite No 1 Opus 46 Grieg
Aria- Martern Aller Arten from il Seraglio Mozart
Symphony No 9 in E Minor Opus 95 from the New World Dvorak


Sunday 23rd March 1975
Der Freischutz Overture Wagner
In a Persian Market Ketelby
Traditional Japanese Folk Song- “Oedonikonbashi”
Traditional Australian Folk songs
O Shenandoah- Sea shanty and Traditional Japanese Folk Song
Arranged by Kevin Casey and sung by National Boys Choir
Sleepy Lagoon Eric Coates
Waves of the Danube Ivanovice
Selections from South Pacific Rodgers
Motet: Stella Coeli Michael Haydn
Symphony No 8 in B Minor (unfinished) Schubert
Radetsky March Johann Strauss

Friday 9th May 1975
Zampa Overture Herold
Concerto in A Major K 219 for violin and orchestra Mozart
Symphony No 6 in B Minor “Pathetique” Opus 74 Tchaikovsky
A very memorable concert and a big challenge for the Orchestra.

Sunday 27th July 1975
The Italian Girl in Algiers Rossini
Symphony no 36 in C Major K 425 “Linz” Mozart
Romance for violin and orchestra Beethoven
Three Hungarian Dances Brahms
Suite No 1 from Carmen Bizet

Friday 12th September 1975
Come ye Sons of Art Purcell
Second Flute Concerto in D Major K 314 Mozart
Symphony No 4 in E Minor Opus 98 Brahms

Saturday 13th December 1975
English Folk Songs Suite Vaughan Williams
Piano Concerto in A Minor Opus 54 Schumann
Symphony No 3 in E Flat Opus 55 “Eroica” Beethoven


Saturday 28th February 1976
Symphonic Poem “Meiji” Yoshinao Osawa
Sinfonia Concertante for violin, viola and orchestra Mozart
Symphony No 5 in E Minor Opus 95 (New World) Dvorak

Saturday 17th July 1976
Russlan and Ludmilla Overture Glinka
Piano Concerto in A Minor Opus 16 Grieg
Symphony No 5 in E Minor Opus 64 Tchaikovsky

Saturday 18th September 1976
Excerpts from “Lohengrin” Elsa’s procession to the Cathedral
Arr: by Yoshinao Osawa Wagner
Concerto in D Major Opus 61 for violin and orchestra Beethoven
Symphony No 8 in G Major Opus 88 Dvorak

Saturday 20th November 1976
Der Frieschutz Overture Wagner
Symphony No 40 Mozart
Slavonic Dances Nos 5, 6, 7 and 8 Dvorak
The Adventures of Sebastion the Fox George Dreyfus
The Concerto for two violins and strings Bach


Sunday 27th March 1977
Royal Fireworks Music Handel
Symphonic Poem Moldau Smetana
Excerpts from Swan Lake Ballet Suite Tchaikovsky
Emperor Waltz Johann Strauss
Four Greek Dances Mikos Skalkottas
Sabre Dance Khachaturian

Saturday 16th April 1977
Tragic Overture Opus 81 Brahms
Aria: Nun elit herbei from the Merry Wives of Windsor Nicholai
Proanakrousma from Five David Psalms Andreas Nezertis
Aria: Ah! Fors e Lui from Le Traviator Verdi
Symphony No 5 in C Minor Opus 67 Beethoven

Saturday 25th June 1977
The Flying Dutchman Overture Wagner
Piano Concerto No 23 in A Major K 488 Mozart
Symphony No 1 Opus 13 “ Winter Dreams” Tchaikovsky

Sunday 9th October 1977
Hungarian March Berlioz
Rol Nidrei Bruch
Potpourri Hummel
Children’s March Grainger
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Saint-Saens
A bracket from the Welsh Male voice choir no Orchestra
Voices of Spring Strauss
Toreador Song Bizet

Saturday 26th November 1977
Roneo & Juliet- Fantasia Tchaikovsky
A Highland Fancy “Linn O’Dee Robert Hughes
Lyrica Concert Piece for Pinschofon (Bass Flute) Georg Aranyi-Aschner
Andante in C Major K 315 for flute and orchestra Mozart
Symphony No 3 in D Major Schubert


Saturday 17th June 1978
Die Fledermaus Overture Johann Strauss
Concerto for horn and Orchestra No 1 Opus 11 Richard Strauss
Symphony No 9 in C Major (The Great) Schubert

Sunday 2nd July 1978
Radetsky March Strauss
Dance of the Hours from “Gioconda” Ponchielli
Valse Triste Sibelius
Blue Tango Leroy Anderson
Marche Militaire Schubert
Die Fledermaus Overture Strauss
Symphony No 8 in B Minor (The unfinished-1st Mvt) Schubert
Pizzicato Polka Strauss
Finlandia Sibelius

Saturday 30th September 1978
Symphonic Poem (Meiji) Yoshinao Osawa
Concerto No 1 Opus 11 for Piano and orchestra Frederic Chopin
Symphony No 4 in E Minor Opus 98 Johannes Brahms

Saturday 2nd December 1978
Candide Overture Bernstein
Concerto for flute and orchestra Chaminade
Soirees Musicales Rossini-Britten
Concerto in C Major Vivaldi
Symphony No 4 in G Major Dvorak


Sunday 25th February 1979
McClelland Gallery/Frankston City Council/The Victorian Navy Band
Free concert in the grounds. No Programme of music played.

Friday 6th April 1979
Wild Colonial Boy Austin Phillips
Concerto No 1 in E Flat Major Piano Liszt
Symphony No 2 in D Major Sibelius

Saturday 23rd June 1979
Opera Melbourne Special concert sponsored by FMS

Saturday 11th August 1979
The Creation Oratorio F J Haydn
First appearance of Peninsula Chorale and The Southdean Singers.
(The Peninsula Chorale was a group organised by John Kirkham who rehearsed at The Peninsula School Mt Eliza.)

Thursday 15th November and Saturday 17th November 1979
March, “Damnation of Faust” Berlioz
L’Arlesienne Excerpts Bizet
Scaramouche Milhaud
Symphony No 8 1st Movement Schubert
Carnival of the Animals Saint-Saens
Paris Left Bank, Bahama Rhumba Carmichael
Jamaicalypso Benjamin