Frankston Symphony Orchestra (FSO) is one of ten community orchestras in Victoria, Australia.

We are an enthusiastic group of community musicians generously volunteering our time and experience to bring orchestral performances to the stage.

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We support young soloists, ensemble musicians who are the future in keeping orchestral music alive.

We are based in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula. The orchestra forms a part of the Frankston Music Society, which also includes the Mornington Peninsula Chorale.

The Frankston Music Society was founded in 1967 by the world-renowned pianist Vera Bradford and fellow residents from the area. The orchestra was formed first in 1968, with the chorale to follow in 1979.

Bradford raised the profile of the orchestra dramatically during its early years. She performed with it herself as well as organised notable soloists to perform with it, including Ron Farren-Price and Geoffrey Tozer.

The Frankston Symphony Orchestra has had many notable conductors.
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Frankston Music Society called for musicians to help start the Frankston Symphony Orchestra.
We are currently looking for the following players to join our community orchestra

The Orchestra has performed many concerts over the years since it was founded with a call for members back in 1967.

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FMS 50th Anniversary Concerts

Carmina Burana

When Carl Orff penned those first notes of “O Fortuna”, a hymn to the wildly capricious Roman goddess of fortune, he had no idea it would become one of the most recognised pieces of music of the 20th century.

While Carmina Burana remains the only major work in his catalog, it has gone on to become a favourite of choirs and orchestras and yes, even film directors. The work draws its inspiration from 11th, 12th and 13th century Latin texts poeticising clerical satire to vagabond songs. This phantasmal and monolithic work is a delight to behold, and we are glad to bring it to the stage at the Frankston Arts Centre as part of our 50th year anniversary concert series.

Carmina Burana Latin to English Translation

Featured artists

Robert Barbaro tenor, Raphael Wong baritone and Emily Burke soprano. Also the Australian Youth Choir.

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